"ZIP MKE: Faces, Places, & Experiences" art exhibit

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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“ZIP MKE: Faces, Places, & Experiences"
February 1 - February 28, 2017
Founder & Director of ZIP MKE: Dominic Inouye

Since its founding in September 2016, ZIP MKE has collected almost 2,000 photographs, both amateur and professional, depicting the diversity, beauty, and unique character of the people, places, and events in all 28 ZIP Codes of the city of Milwaukee.  ZIP MKE has exhibited parts of their collection in over ten locations throughout Milwaukee, led five neighborhood walks, and recently began a series of monthly community engagement events called (Dis)Comfort Zones, designed to bring members of different neighborhoods together for evenings of fun, engaging, and challenging activities, reflection, discussion, and, of course, photography.  Now, the winner of Milwaukee Magazine’s “Best Grassroots Art Project of 2017” is coming to Cedarburg!

During February, ZIP MKE is pleased to exhibit almost 300 photographs, including many newly curated selections and work from two feature photographers, photojournalist Nick Hansen of Art Saves Lives MKE and urban photographer Karl Herschede.  Appropriately enough, February is also Black History Month: many of the faces, places, and events ZIP MKE represents are from the central city, which is too often depicted in purely negative ways.  And since part of their mission is to expand social perspectives by diminishing preconceived assumptions about each other, ZIP MKE hopes all the photos--of the lakefront and Center Street, the Third Ward and Cesar Chavez Drive--depicts a vibrant city as truthfully and positively as possible.  For if we change what we see, we can change how we see.  And if we change how we see, then what we see and seek out has the potential of transforming our vision of and for the city.

Learn more about ZIP MKE at http://zipmke.com/.

Event Type(s): Adult Program
Age Group(s): All Ages
Presenter: Dominic Inouye, Founder & Director of ZIP MKE
Rosalia Slawson
(262) 375-7640 ext. 206